Tips to Beautify Rooms in Your Home

Did you just move into a new house and trying to get things back to feeling like home? Here are a few tips to make the most out of your new space…

Add Color

A neutral color scheme is always a safe choice for any home.  However, adding a pop of color is a guaranteed way to beautify a space. Adding color doesn’t have to come in the form of wall paint either. Add a couple throw pillows, some colorful vases or a fun accent wall to liven up a room without having to re-paint walls.

Use Mirrors

Changing up your furniture can be very expensive, especially if you just bought a new home and are trying to use furniture from your previous home in the new space. However, instead of adding new furniture to make a big impact, you can utilize simple and inexpensive options that go a long way for a room.  There is so much you can do with accessories, wall décor and table adornments.  Grab some unique decorative pieces that are bold and eye-catching.  Try stores like Hobby Lobby, Home Goods or TJ Maxx for affordable décor pieces!

Add Greenery

Nothing gives life to a space quite like live greenery!  Add plants, a tree, succulents or flowers to rooms that need a little sprucing up.  Don’t have a green thumb?  There are some gorgeous faux greenery options that would easily pass as real or you can buy plants that are difficult to kill like large, colorful air plants! A great place for greenery options is any individual shop on Etsy, go for a plant with a fun vase!

Add Texture

Adding texture to a room is always a must.  Think chunky cable knit throw blankets, fur pillows, and patterned fabrics.  Be careful to not use all of those in one room but try adding touches of texture throughout your home to add a fun dynamic to your space.

Remove Clutter

Nothing brings out the best in a room like removing clutter and junk!  If you have a hard time walking through a room or finding specific items in a room, there is a chance that you have cluttered space that needs some organizing.  Remove items that don’t belong, find a home for items that do and remember that less is sometimes more. One great tip, especially if you are preparing a home for sale, is to get decorative boxes or baskets (with lids) to hide and organize some of the clutter without having to throw anything out.