Cleaning Tips Before You List

Before putting your home up for sale, you want to make sure that it’s clean and tidy to attract the perfect buyer! A dirty home is not appealing to potential buyers and it can turn an interested buyer away quickly. Cleaning your home doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as you might think. It helps to have a plan and to complete the house-cleaning process in sections. Check out these tips, separated by area of the home:

1. Foyer
* Clean the interior and exterior sides of the front door
* Wipe all fingerprints off windows
* Remove scuff marks off door and floors
* Replace light bulbs in all light fixtures and ensure they are in working order
* Organize and clean the coat closet, as most buyers want to look inside for storage reasons
* Hang up coats and place any lingering shoes in the garage

2. Kitchen
* Wipe down all cabinets and touch up any noticeable scratches or scuffs
* Clean all appliances, inside and out
* Clean and degrease stove hood
* Clean on top, behind and under the refrigerator
* Wipe down blinds and shades
* Wash any kitchen rugs and clean floors/baseboards
* Store all pet food/food out of sight and neatly organized
* Clean counter tops

3. Bathroom
* Clean behind toilet and under sink
* Declutter, leaving out only necessities on counters
* Organize and clean under the vanity
* Scrub floors and clean grout lines
* Remove any dirty clothes or towels off the floor
* Lock away any medication
* Replace any light bulbs in need

4. Bedrooms
* Wash sheets, comforter and blankets
* Clean furniture and rugs
* Dust furniture and fan blades
* Remove obvious stains from fabrics
* Organize closets
* Store away dirty clothes
* Remove any personal photos

Along with these items, ensure that the house is free of unfavorable smells or clutter. Shampoo carpets and rugs and ensure that the house is freshly vacuumed/swept. For an added touch, display some fresh flowers or have a candle burning during showings.