At Price & Co. Equestrian Living we have a fantastic team of dedicated and experienced equestrians and brokers who are knowledgeable and experienced with the ins and outs purchasing, owning and operating an equestrian facility. Purchasing or selling an equestrian property requires a certain skillset that only those experienced in the equestrian industry can provide.

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  • Are you a competitive horseback rider or equestrian enthusiast?
  • Are you looking to localize your equine companions by keeping them at home or finding a house with a conveniently located boarding facility?
  • Do you dream of owning and operating an income producing equestrian facility?
  • Are you interested in owning your own large acre homestead?
We can help with that!


When beginning your search for an equestrian property or starting the process of selling your equestrian property pay special attention to the following:

Equestrian Background

When looking for a Realtor to represent you, having one with first-hand knowledge of owning and riding horses is essential. They share your passion and live your lifestyle. If you are buying, they will utilize their knowledge and experience to help you find the perfect property, and if you are selling they will know the right marketing strategies to sell your property.

Local Connections

Our Equestrian Living agents have the right contacts in the Colorado Equestrian community. We are knowledgeable of the codes, regulations and zoning rules related to equestrian properties in Colorado.

Regulatory & Zoning Knowledge

Every property has it's own unique zoning. If you are looking for a boarding facility, you must know what resources to utilize to figure out if your property can be used as intended. Our agents understand the ins and outs of each county's regulations pertaining to equestrian facilities and agriculturally zoned properties.

Your Price & Co. Equestrian Living Team

  • Andrea Price Valenzuela
  • Elena Collins
  • Taryn King
  • Monique Santilli
  • Lynn Van Voris
  • Emily Baker
  • Corey Popejoy

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