Price & Co. Real Estate is an official proud partner of  Yaza!  Yaza is a mobile real estate application that was driven by social distancing requirements for house tours, inspections, appraisals, and contractor management. Yaza has found broad acceptance in the real estate industry as the video solution of the future. With the ability to record, map, and share house tours in just a few minutes, real estate professionals finally have a tool to easily integrate video into their sales process.

Yaza enables our Price & Co. agents to leverage cutting edge technology in order to deliver superior client support.  Price & Co. is currently the only firm in Colorado that has an exclusive partnership with Yaza and thus, allowing Price & Co. agents to be some of the best in the state!


For more information about Yaza, please visit the links below:

WEBSITE: https://www.yaza.io/

OVERVIEW: https://youtu.be/EGSLRFxqH0A

APP LINK: http://bit.ly/yazaApp