How Can You Protect Yourself Against a Fake Seller?


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How can you, as the landowner, protect yourself from becoming a target to a fake seller scam?

1. **Secure Your Property with a $1 Lien:**
For landowners with free and clear ownership, adding a $1 promissory note on the property can deter scammers. This additional step during the sale process prompts the title company to scrutinize transactions more closely, ensuring the real owner is promptly alerted to any suspicious activity.
2. **Obtain a Land Fraud Endorsement:**
Safeguard your property rights by acquiring a land fraud endorsement on your title. This specialized insurance offers financial protection and legal recourse against fraudulent activities, providing an extra layer of security.
3. **Visible Deterrence with Signs:**
Display “Property Not For Sale” or “No Trespassing” signs prominently on your property. This visible deterrent communicates that the property is not on the market, and unauthorized access is prohibited, discouraging fraudulent attempts and enhancing security.
In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate, we navigate twists and turns with caution, ensuring that each transaction is characterized by integrity and authenticity.
Stay vigilant, real estate enthusiasts! 🏡