Tips to Get Settled in a New Home

You’ve purchased your dream home but the hard work has yet to begin!  Getting settled in your new home can be a lot of work but these helpful tips can make the process go smoothly!

  1. Check Major Appliances

Check all appliances to ensure they are all in working order before you move in.  If you are bringing appliances with you, the same applies.  This allows you to assess if anything was damaged during the move or if there was a pre-existing problem.  Look at things like your refrigerator, stove, oven, washer and dryer, etc.  If you purchased new appliances, check these promptly to ensure that any repairs fall into the warranty window.

  1. Check Boxes and Furniture

Check boxes and furniture for any damage that occurred during the move.  Look for crushed boxes, scratched furniture or evidence of mishandling.  Ensure that everything has arrived and nothing has been lost in transit.  If something is missing and you used a moving company, file a claim immediately.  You don’t have to unpack everything right away; just do a quick review of your items before too much time passes.

  1. Set Up Utilities

Don’t get caught without utilities when you move in!  Make sure you have switched gas, electric and water to your name at your new residence.  If cable, phone and internet are important to you upon move in, arrange to have those set up promptly.

  1. Register for School

Research local schools to find a good fit for your family.  If you are pre-zoned for a specific school, make arrangements if you plan to send children elsewhere.

  1. Register Your Car

If you’ve moved to a new state or country, you’ll want to make sure you register your car promptly and update your driver’s license, tags and license plates.

  1. Connect to you Neighborhood

Join sites like and get involved in local community Facebook groups.  Subscribe to your local newspaper or magazine to keep on local happenings.  Meet your neighbors too, as this helps to get tied in quickly.

  1. Change Your Mailing Address and Set Up Mail Forwarding

Contact the post office nearest your new residence to set up mail forwarding.  This will give you a grace period so that mail will be sent to your new address.  In the meantime, change your mailing address on all accounts and update family and friends.


Buying a new home is an exciting time!  Enjoy the process and take the extra steps to ensure that you hit as few bumps along the way as possible.  Happy moving!