What to Know About Winter Home Sales

Contemplating selling your home this winter?  Here are a few important things to know to better prepare yourself for the process.

  1.  Appearance Matters

    While it is harder to keep your home looking ship shape from the outside in the winter, the curb appeal is still an important factor in marketing your house.  As leaves fall be sure to rake them up, and after snowfalls be sure to shovel your driveways and sidewalks.  Furthermore Blog-Fall-House, listing photos are more attractive to potential buyers when they depict good weather conditions.  If you don’t have photos from spring or summer, at least try to wait for a nice sunny day to get your photos shot.  Fortunately, in Colorado we have plenty of these in the fall and winter!

  2. Don’t Get Too Seasonal

    Griswold-house-Christmas-Vacation-movie-in-lightsOne of the best parts about fall and winter is all of the fun holidays we get too celebrate.  A large part of this often involves adorning your house with festive and seasonal decorations.  Unfortunately, this ostentatiousness can deter potential buyers.  If you are going to decorate your home while it’s on the market, try to keep the items subtle and holiday neutral.  Avoid large Christmas decorations around the holidays, and turning your home into a full blown haunted house at Halloween time.

  3. Buyer Traffic Will Be Slower

    Wintertime is typically a slower time for home sales.  Statistics show that you will see as little as a third of the amount of buyer traffic that you might see in warmer months.  However, do not let this deter you.  Buyers shopping in the winter are just as likely to be serious about buying as at any other time of the year, if not more so.  This could just mean that you will have to vacate your home for less showings and open houses before finding a buyer.  But it could also mean your home will be on the market for longer.

  4. Make Your Home a Winter Wonderland

    Most people in the wintertime stir up images of3f20ab1b14293e7cbd442466c7fcbaeb-winter-house-winter-cabin cozy cups of hot cocoa, fireplaces, and curling up on a couch with a soft blanket.  Potential homebuyers are no different!  Appeal to this in your marketing.  Include photos in your listing of a roaring fireplace or a cozy kitchen setting.   Create a sense of winter comfort in your home before vacating it for a showing by lighting the fire or candles.  You could even leave out freshly baked fall or winter themed treats.  All of these are easy ways to make your buyers more able picture themselves in their new home.

  5. Let There Be Light

    As the days get shorter and we spend more and more time in the dark, light becomes increasingly appealing for potential home buyers.  Prior to showings turn on every light in your house, especially in dark or windowless rooms.  Open window shutters to utilize natural light.  At night, even when not showing, you should have on as many lights in the house as possible.  This improves the curb appeal of your home for those just passing by.

These are just a few ways to help improve your home sales potential in fall and winter months.  Check back in our next blog post for tips on winterizing your home.