What You Need to Know About Property Disclosures

When selling your home, you are obligated by law to disclose certain information about your property. Colorado has a written Sellers Property Disclosure form that provides spaces for sellers to complete the form with space to add any additional information. We always tell our clients that best practice is to disclose, disclose and disclose! You […]

Cleaning Tips Before You List

Before putting your home up for sale, you want to make sure that it’s clean and tidy to attract the perfect buyer! A dirty home is not appealing to potential buyers and it can turn an interested buyer away quickly. Cleaning your home doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as you might think. It helps […]

Tips to Beautify Rooms in Your Home

Did you just move into a new house and trying to get things back to feeling like home? Here are a few tips to make the most out of your new space… Add Color A neutral color scheme is always a safe choice for any home.  However, adding a pop of color is a guaranteed […]

Tips to Get Settled in a New Home

You’ve purchased your dream home but the hard work has yet to begin!  Getting settled in your new home can be a lot of work but these helpful tips can make the process go smoothly! Check Major Appliances Check all appliances to ensure they are all in working order before you move in.  If you […]

Why Now is the Time to Buy

If you have been contemplating the purchase of a new home, you may be wondering if now is the right time to buy.  The market is ever-changing, interest rates tend to rise and fall and you may be wondering about how new tax laws will impact your purchase.  These are just a few of the […]

Home Chores To Do Annually

All homes require maintenance to prolong the longevity of the components within. Sometimes these can be large, daunting tasks but here are a few really simple ones that can be added to your calendar monthly and annually! Curtains & Drapes Curtains and drapes should be dusted monthly and deep cleaned once annually. Most curtains and […]

Cohousing: Know Your Neighbors, Love Your Neighbors

Looking at headlines and breaking news alerts on your smartphone, it seems that divisiveness has become commonplace in our modern world.  Protests, marches, and bipartisan governmental battles are the norm.  In stark contrast the increasing prevalence of cohousing aims to change this. Cohousing communities are neighborhoods of private houses built around a shared common space. […]

Advice for New Real Estate Investors

By Matt Allen Real Estate is a great place for one to invest. Whether you are a first time buyer, a baby boomer looking to diversify your retirement funds, or a seasoned house flipper – real estate is a safe place to put your money. And chances are, if you are looking at our website, […]

What to Know About Winter Home Sales

Contemplating selling your home this winter?  Here are a few important things to know to better prepare yourself for the process.  Appearance Matters While it is harder to keep your home looking ship shape from the outside in the winter, the curb appeal is still an important factor in marketing your house.  As leaves fall […]

Colorado Contract to Buy & Sell Cheat Sheet

The day has come that you’ve found THE house of your dreams and you’re ready to make an offer. So, what comes next? Your Realtor will prepare a Division of Real Estate approved state purchase contract. The contract will feel overwhelming at first glance so let us break down the facts and the important parts to pay attention […]